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DiabeticDeals.com is a simple subscription service for consistent diabetic testing supplies. As a subscriber, you get 90 days of testing supplies delivered to your door so you never run out. What a great feeling to never worry about testing supplies again.

create your account
Signing up with DiabeticDeals.com is simple and fast. Just fill out the short subscription form on the subscribe page, select your plan and submit.
Select Your Plan
You choose the plan that best fits your diabetic testing schedule. 1x per day, 2x per day, 3x per day, 4x per day or 5x per day testing. These plans determine the amount of supplies we send you every 90 days.
Once your subscription is in place, your shipment will be sent directly to your door. Your first shipment will include your supplies case, meter and lancing pen, along with your supply of test strips, lancets and control solution. Each follow-up shipment will include test strips and lancets.
DiabeticDeals.com ships your testing supplies to your door for free! It’s easy to stay stocked with supplies with your DiabeticDeals.com subscription. You never have to rush out to the pharmacy or store again. You have the supplies you need at all times.
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