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It is a dilemma that our insurance covers most of our health coverage. However, when it comes to diabetes; there are many insurance companies that do not cover diabetic supplies on your insurance policy. This can be a huge burden on the pocket if you have diabetes and do not have it covered on your insurance policy.

However, there is a solution to every problem and this is where we provide you your solution to this very serious problem. Diabetic Deals offer you all the supplies at such rates that are priced at a very nominal rate and very lower than the usual market price products.

If you have to pay from your own pocket, then you know very well that you pay a huge sum annually from your pocket on just the basic diabetic supplies. However, we make sure that you get the best and at very less and reasonable rates.

Moreover, there are many medical insurers that have the policy of copay. And many of the patients with diabetes consider this policy a very beneficial and helpful policy and thus do as the policy says. When the insurance company has a copay policy, they ask the patient to get diabetic supplies of specific brands; this is because they get a rebate from those companies. This means that you pay most of the amount of the product and your insurance company enjoys the reimbursed portion of what they pay. If you get your supplies from Diabetic Deals, you get the products at approximately five times the lesser amount at what your copay would make you pay.