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Generally speaking, obesity is caused by consuming more calories than your body needs on a day to day basis. A lot of fast food and convenience foods these days are very high in fat and sugar content to make them tasty,
Brittle diabetes mellitus (or labile diabetes) is the word most often used for a diabetes type 1 that is particular hard to control. A type 1 diabetic may have wild blood glucose swings and Brittle Diabetes is often the
In the health care industry, there are a lot of ways to help patients. Diagnosing the correct prescription, educating and training industry professionals, and just being there for the patient.
As a manager in the diabetic supply business for many years, I’ve seen it all. From patients who were diagnosed when their blood glucose was already out of control, to finger and thumb amputations,
Ethics or code of ethics can be defined as a philosophical mentality of right conduct and good living. Ethics in medicine field are typically about what is acceptable practice and unacceptable practice.
Autonomic neuropathy is a condition that occurs when nerves controlling involuntary body functions are damaged. When this happens, it might affect temperature control, blood pressure, bladder function,
The autonomic nervous system is the system by which the body regulates physiological processes. Things like body temp, heart rate, digestion and even blood pressure are in included. There are two major divisions of ANS,
Monitoring your blood sugar levels as a diabetic can be quite a nuisance, and it may seem like there's always some other factor you weren't aware of that can lower or elevate them. One factor that can affect your blood
There is a strong correlation between diabetes and high blood pressure. Both are lifestyle diseases about which much is being said in this day and age.