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The development and proper usage of steroids has been a modern-day miracle in many respects. It has aided many people to recover from a variety of diseases and medical conditions. Steroids are broadly classified into
Unfortunately, fat shaming is as much of an epidemic in the United States as obesity itself. Specifically, when it comes to people with type 2 diabetes, they may be ridiculed for living an unhealthy lifestyle and having
Eat only those carbohydrates that are 45 or lower on the glycemic index. Always eat carbs in combination with protein, fat or fiber in order to slow the rate of digestion and, therefore, the glycemic index of that carb.
I have had the pleasure of presenting my thoughts about diabetes to different groups in north Mississippi. I have met very few people in the categories of inherited weakness to develop diabetes, those with glucose
Approximately twenty-one million Americans have diabetes. 90% of these are type II diabetics. Diabetes numbers get worse with age. Of people 65 and older, 18% have diabetes. Of this same age group, 40.8% have impaired