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The basics of the diet concern shifting your carb intake from day to day, basically keeping your metabolism guessing. This will prevent the plateau effect(known in the dietary community), where your body slows down its
According to recent research, millions of people around the world are inflicted by diabetes. You may be suffering from this chronic disease without even knowing you have it. Even though it is an incurable disease, you
Diabetes is an unfortunately common disease in America. Diabetes is medically referred to as diabetes mellitus, and depicts a gathering of metabolic diseases in which the patient has elevated blood glucose because
In type 1 diabetes, there is absolutely no insulin produced by the body. The immune system sees the cells responsible for insulin production as a threat (like a disease causing pathogen), and consequently, these cells
A healthy eating plan is essential when it comes to controlling your blood sugar. This can be achieved by maintaining regular mealtimes and ensuring that all foods are eaten in moderation.
Many people find that coming to terms with being diagnosed as a diabetic can prove to be emotionally overwhelming. Considerable changes need to be made to your lifestyle for you to properly treat your diabetes.
Diabetes affects more than 422 million individuals worldwide according to the World Health Organization. Close to 95% of today’s cases are type 2 diabetes, where the body cannot produce adequate insulin —a hormone which
Diabetic insulin pumps are a breakthrough. They work for all types of diabetic patients and they are a huge quality of life improvement. They are simple to operate and come with all the convenience of modern testing
Over the past 15 years, the number of people affected by diabetes has more than doubled. Over five million people are living with diabetes, and many aren't even aware of the problem and how it may affect their health.